Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mactweets Mac Attack #21

My first entry for Mac Attack! I've been having this rainbow attack for a few weeks now, been making macarons since a couple of months ago and I love trying out new colors. I am obviously not a pro just yet. :p 

Anyway, I bought this yummy Double Dutch ice cream from Wall's - Vanilla Flavored with 1) chocolate syrup 2) marshmallows 3) chocolate chips 4) cashewnuts. YUMMY!!!!! Paired it with fresh strawberries too. :)

Over the weekend, I made mom classic buttercake. I love, love the colors! And of course, the cake. It just melt inside my mouth. I used the recipe from Elin who I believe took the recipe from Tintin at CookingCrave. Thank you! Ah, no, I didn't take an extra effort to make the lovely rainbow cake. But I will, one day. :)

Hubby was complaining that he was really hungry when this cake was in the oven and we had to wait another 15mins for me to make sure that the cake was baked properly before we went out for lunch (thank God we waited because I sorta had a suspicion that 40 mins is too long for my oven, I ended up baking this beauty for only 30 mins). To make up, I made spaghetti beef bolognese with cheese for lunch on Sunday using my bestfriend Eein's recipe. Which, of course, I will keep as her secret. :) 

Yeah, it doesn't look that good. I can be boring when it comes to taking food photos. But I promise you that this is really delicious. Hehe. 

By the way, I watched Masterchef Australia last night and they made macarons tower. Gorgeous! I mean, what Chef Adriano Zumbo made (he is cute too. hehe) and look at the recipes available at the website!!! I died. ahhhhh... made me wanna try everything!

till then, have a great week!


  1. Yay for joining Mactweets and a huge welcome! And Double Dutch ice cream? Wowee I could eat a gallon! Love the pairing with rainbow macs and for not having been making them for a long time yours are pretty darn great! Keep baking along with us and you'll be perfect in no time! Glad you baked along!

  2. Awwww your rainbow macs are so cute and that ice cream flavor sounds divine. I LOVE your colorful butter cake.

  3. Jamie : Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. :D Glad I joined you guys too!

    Lora : Your idea was way more awesome! :D

  4. Your macarons look great. I hope I'll be able to make them one day... haven't had any luck with it so far. -M.

  5. It's nice how you used the colors in your Double Dutch macarons to match the swirly cake! Glad you joined our MacTweets group--hope to see more of your mac creations in the future.